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Hi, my name is Andrew Chia. I want to let you in on a little secret. I have been out of a job for the past eleven years and I'm not worried at all. Nope, I'm not even into business either. So, I guess that makes me fall into the category of "retired".

From working as a bank clerk for as little as $150 a month in 1982, to shouldering massive seven-figure debts running my own IT business in the nineties, I have finally discovered the secret of early retirement. Yes, you would agree that it was one hair-raising journey.

Today I have streams of income from many sources, all of which do not require much of my daily attention. With these sources of income, I have even found time for philanthropy. Together with my buddy, Saranjeet Singh, we co-founded a year ago. It is a platform for fundraisers and donors to meet and donations are usually collected online.

So, I'm inviting you to come on board with me in this exciting trip to discover the secrets of the rich.

But first, would you let me ask you three simple questions?

One. Would you give me the chance to show you how you can live a life full of money, power and time freedom?

Two. Would you let me do this at no risk whatsoever to yourself? (To be direct - just give me 30 days to make you richer, more powerful and enjoy time freedom or you pay me nothing - not a dime.)

Three. Would you allow me give you $27 of HOT information FREE, with my compliments, should you decide that my claims are not true? Again, without you losing a dime.

I say these things upfront so that you can save your time scanning this letter for the catch - because there isn't any. All I ask from you in return is a fair hearing - ten minutes of your time to read a letter which will change your life forever.

I am writing because you might be the sort of person interested in joining my chosen elite little group, a group which I call The Final Winner. This letter is by way of an invitation for you to apply for a membership in The Final Winner.

However, I am not certain that you are right for this group. I don't know you. We have not met, so forgive me if I take a little time in this letter to try and eliminate you from applying! I don't want to waste your time, and (far more importantly for me), I don't want to waste my valuable time if you are not going to reap long-term benefits arising from our relationship.

Sounds mysterious? It's supposed to be! You'll see why, later.

"...turnover $120,000 in the last six months."

"I am way totally satisfied and pleased with what I have received. I'm being "over-delivered". The information is worth hundreds, maybe thousands, of times what I paid. I have since improved tremendously on my investing and business skills. This is going reasonably well - an income of $120,000 in the last six months. Once again - thanks." - Eric Chong

First of all, let me ask you another question:

Have you also noticed how seemingly impossible it is to make more than your monthly expenses, without someone, or something, taking it away from you?

You would believe that there is a great conspiracy to keep the poor working till they drop just to stay above the poverty line. Have you ever noticed that? Strange, isn't it? Just when you think you are getting ahead of the game, BANG! along comes a totally unexpected expenditure to floor you yet again, time after time. It doesn't seem to matter how much you struggle and strive, you never quite seem to make it. True, is it not?

"From minus $8,000 to +$150,000 in 6 months!"

"From minus $8,000 to +$150,000 in 6 months! This is not a joke, it's real. If you ever wondered how a no-nonsense realistic modern man should plan his future, become The Final Winner." - S. Nicolas

So what am I saying?

Well, I guess I'm asking you if you are my sort of person. The sort of person who is interested in personal wealth, power and freedom. Are you interested in making and keeping money?

If you are not interested in wealth, power and FREEDOM, then The Final Winner is definitely not for you. For reasons that are obvious, I dare not say much more here. I hope you are intelligent enough to read between the lines.

As mentioned earlier, I am inviting you to apply for a place. A membership.

Every six months, new places become available. I send out personal invites for people to visit a web page such as this one, to people who have previously indicated an interest in similar ideas. As soon as the places are full, then that's it.

I stop advertising and the doors are closed!

So what is The Final Winner all about?

The people in my elite and rather secretive group share three things in common:

1. They all want to be extremely wealthy.
2. They all possess a drive and a desire for power in their lives.
3. They all want to be financially free to do what they want, where they want.

Before they joined my chosen elite membership, these people were sick to death of never having enough money to even pay their bills, let alone afford any little luxuries in life. They were also completely exhausted at being pushed around by society, bosses, spouses, the government and anyone else who felt like emptying their wallets and sucking them dry of their life-values.

These people also had one other thing in common:

They were all prepared to TAKE ACTION and do something to improve their lives! (By now, you should have noticed that more than 90% of the population on this planet want to be rich, but less than 10% will EVER do anything about it.)

They were fortunate enough to be accepted into my The Final Winner membership, and are now well on their way to achieving the following three goals:

1. Unimaginable wealth.
2. Total power over their lives, and perhaps over the lives of others.
3. Absolute time freedom.

Let me state here and now that if you are NOT interested in achieving these goals, then The Final Winner membership is not for you. Also, if you are a skeptic, a cynic, a hopeless dreamer or a loser, then you will not be admitted to my membership.

Of course, a certain degree of skepticism is healthy. You may not have heard of me, or the work I do; I would expect you to be skeptical.

Just to reassure you, I have already said that there is no risk to you whatsoever, and I stand by my word. I only accept SERIOUS PLAYERS into my chosen elite group, but if you genuinely want to become rich, if you truly desire POWER AND INFLUENCE then you could greatly benefit from The Final Winner.


"...bought rental property with nothing down..."

"Since I took up the membership in this elite group I have gotten completely free from all debts. I also did something which I had thought impossible all along; I bought an apartment with nothing down and rented it out to a prompt-paying tenant.

I highly recommend this membership and training to anyone who wants greater success and personal power in life." - Joanna


Once you are accepted, I will personally guide you to these goals as I have guided others over the past few years. You will receive an e-book containing confidential materials which will allow you to progress up through various levels of WEALTH, POWER AND FREEDOM. There are thirty-one chapters or levels in all, and most people take one level a day at most.

As you complete each level, you will find that you have risen in personal power, and that your financial life begins to come within your control. All materials are strictly secret, and you will be asked to sign an undertaking not to reveal any information to anyone of a lower level or grade than yourself. You will understand why I insist on this, when you see the nature of the materials!

Everything will be explained to you if you are fortunate enough to get in. Of course, it goes without saying that all the materials that you will receive are 100% LEGAL and ETHICAL.

This is my guarantee to you:- If, after seeing The Final Winner materials, you feel that this chosen elite group is not for you, then you may leave, without penalty, within 30 days of receiving the materials. Your payment will be refunded immediately and in full. You may also keep all materials sent to you, with my compliments.

Why all the secrecy?

Although the materials released to The Final Winner elite group are proven and tested, and that they are extremely powerful, they are not for consumption by the general public. Most ordinary people would find the materials deeply shocking and possibly offensive. Needless to say, such people are not ready to seize personal wealth, power and freedom.

I could not possibly release my The Final Winner materials to the general public. It simply doesn't work that way. The materials have a strictly limited circulation. It is obvious (isn't it obvious to you?) that not everyone can become rich, powerful and free. That's why I keep the membership small and elite.

I'm sure you have many questions about The Final Winner, but I dare not answer them at this stage. However, to put your mind at ease, I will make the following statements:

  • The Final Winner is a chosen, elite, secretive and small group of people who are determined to become rich, powerful and free.
  • There is no initial membership fee. Instead, you pay a small one-time payment which covers our costs in producing and e-mailing your pack of materials. There are no other fees or payments or hidden costs, now, or even in the future!

The membership and associated materials are 100% legal and ethical (although you may shortly have a NEW and MORE POWERFUL set of ethics than you have now - the ethics of the super-rich!).

"More than 90% of people prefer mental slavery - they should probably just keep watching TV!"

"The Final Winner was confronting and challenging. It was worth every second of my time, and every single cent spent on it. If I were to recommend it to anyone, it would be to those who want to take a serious look at their future. Those who like mental slavery should probably just keep watching their favourite TV shows!" - Sharon Louise

Application is by my personal invitation only. I am now inviting you in this letter. If, after seeing the materials, you do not wish to continue, then you may leave without penalty. Your payment will be returned in full and you may keep the free book with my compliments, and owe nothing.

As you progress through each level, you will be shown exactly (in a practical, real way) how you can achieve WEALTH, POWER and FREEDOM.

You will NOT at any time, be working for me, or my organization. You will NOT be paying money to me, or my organization (apart from your one-time payment for the cost of the materials). All the money you make, you keep, with the following exception: After you have made your first $100,000 (as a direct result of The Final Winner), I ask you to make a gift of $5,000 directly to a charity organisation chosen by you. This is done entirely on a good-faith basis, and each individual member will make his decision when he is wealthy enough to do this.

You will receive e-mail containing the materials associated with The Final Winner power-grade levels. It should take a couple of months to digest the material - the average student usually takes a day or two to complete (reading, digesting and understanding) one level. There are thirty-one levels (grades) in all. The objective is to rise through these levels, and become The Final Winner Graduate. Such a person has achieved ultimate personal power and complete financial independence.

You do not have to complete all thirty-one levels in order to reap the rewards of wealth, power and freedom. These rewards will flow your way as soon as you start on the first grade. As you progress to higher levels you will possess more power, more wealth and more freedom.

Your final question to me may be, "What do you get out of it?"

Unlike the authors of many other so-called business opportunities you have received, I am already financially independent. I say this as a matter of fact; it is not just to impress you, it's to show that I walk the talk. The secrets of The Final Winner have given me such immense power! Today I get high just helping people understand and tap the power that I have learnt. It has become my passion. Of course, I make a lot of money from The Final Winner - but that's not the main reason I do it. (Quietly, it is also my hobby to irritate a few academicians along the way - they coach what they don't really understand and practice. My ultimate triumph is to see my group of chosen elite The Final Winners run circles round these guys.)

Besides, with the world economy crumbling as we speak, I reckon there is a desperately need for an elite group of independent thinkers - people like you.

Because my time is limited, there are only a few places available, this letter may well be your one and only chance that you will have to apply for a place. Please join today, or your place will be offered to someone else.

All information that you need to make your decision is contained right here in this letter. I hope you make the right choice.


So, what will all this do for you? You will have more freedom to choose what you want, when you want it and with whom you want it.

Does all this sound too good to be true?

Take a look at what you will learn...

Preview of Contents
Secret 1 Be Hungry!
Secret 2 90/10 Rule of Success
Secret 3 Edgewater
Secret 4 The Great Misunderstanding
Secret 5 The Secret Of The Rich
Secret 6 The Difference
Secret 7 Red Line
Secret 8 Eighth wonder of the world
Secret 9 How Expensive Is Procrastination?
Secret 10 Breaking The Three Generations Curse
Secret 11 The Only Way To Retire
Secret 12 Everyone Needs Two Jobs
Secret 13 Tsunami!
Secret 14 The Dark Side
Secret 15 The Overlooked Subject
Secret 16 The Foolish Work For Money
Secret 17 Bucks N Dough
Secret 18 Sorry, Your Mom Was Wrong!
Secret 19 It's Only Words
Secret 20 A Risky Myth
Secret 21 Opinions Kill
Secret 22 Two Most Powerful Forces
Secret 23 Get Into The Habit
Secret 24 Strictly Business
Secret 25 Sold On Selling
Secret 26 Marketing 101
Secret 27 Just Do It!
Secret 28 Investors vs Traders
Secret 29 The Magic of Mistakes
Secret 30 Super Investors Secret Revealed
Secret 31 The Highest Purpose In Life


Praise for The Final Winner

The Final Winner is an instructional read for anyone who is beginning to achieve, or even well on their way to, financial independence. You can't go wrong with this book.
Aziz Azman
Advocate and Solicitor

Reading The Final Winner is a transforming experience. It is compact. It is informative. It is clearly presented, though revolutionary and challenging. You get to explore the minds of the greatest entrepreneurs and investors to see how ideas are turned into cash.
James Choi
Insurance Consultant

Andrew cuts and trims financial intelligence to its barest and goes right to the core problems that most beginners like me face in our journey to financial freedom. This book is unique.
Alex Lee
Business Development Manager, Glory Plantation

The ideas in The Final Winner are so deceptively simple, though old as the hills, that you enjoy re-reading it many times just to let some of the glorious concepts sink into your consciousness.
Eric Chong
CEO, Responsive Resources Sdn Bhd

Bite-sized financial intelligence. A great help for busy people like me.
YC Liaw

Very provocative. You cannot read this without benefitting from some new and valuable insight.
Joanna Chey
Rejoice Care Centre

Some of the information in The Final Winner is compelling and soul-searching. Like the first and the last secret.
Don Hor
Marketing Director, Pacific Carbon Sdn Bhd

Read this book first before you do any business or investing.
Christopher Heng, D Sc

This is one of the books that made an impact on my life.
Poon Chak Cheong

These money secrets cover a big portion of what we need to know about basic money skills.
Rickson Thean
Accounts Manager

The Final Winner is neat, compact and easy-to-read. It's really a time-saver.
Cindy Lee

The Final Winner may become a classic in time to come.
Jane Yap
Entrepreneur, Wearline Marketing

Reading this book is quite an exhilarating experience. The principles are rock solid and delivered in crystal-clear terms. It is really relevant in educating our younger generation on the importance of financial intelligence.
Saranjeet Singh
Charity Resources

If there were one pill that could make us financially smarter overnight, that pill would be The Final Winner.
Bryan Choong
Senior Property Negotiator

Andrew Chia deserves my respect for arranging such an innovative document. Though some of the ideas may not be unique, the presentation is. He has done a good job in arranging powerful financial intelligence ideas in very small helpings suitable for beginners.
Personal Internet Marketing Coach

The information contained in the first paragraph of Secret 4 alone is worth a hundred times the price of this book.
Aziz Kudah
Senior Technician, Telekom Malaysia

The Final Winner is a must-read book if you are looking for information on how to be financially independent. It shortens your learning curve by a great deal.
Richard Ng
Agency Manager, Great Eastern Life

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My main goal is to help you reach your financial dreams.
I want you to succeed and will continue to strive for you.

Warmest Regards
Andrew Chia

P.S. You can achieve great wealth, power and freedom. Yes, it really IS possible.I have helped many people along this path over the past few years. Please read the genuine testimonial letters below.

P.P.S. This is an honest risk-free offer. If you are not happy with the materials, then you may cancel within 30 days. Your payment will be returned immediately and in full and you will owe nothing. You may also keep the materials with my compliments totally free of charge. I can make this remarkable offer because I know that once you see the materials, it would take a hundred times the cost to pry them from your fingers!

P.P.P.S. Join The Final Winner now or risk losing the place to someone else. The number of places is strictly limited so act now, today.

Just in case... No, this is not some MLM scam or illegal pyramid scheme, Ponzi or money game, or even some chain letter trash. When times are bad, fakes and conmen are aplenty. Sorry, I don't mean to insult your intelligence but recently my very genuine efforts to help people have been ignored and mistaken for these loads of get-rich-quick rubbish which even you may have received. Please, if you do nothing else, read the genuine testimonial letters below to prove that I am REAL and GENUINE!!

If You Read Nothing Else....Read This!

Look guys, anyone with good copywriting skills can conjure up a decent sales pitch and get people to sign on the dotted line.

However, if the applicant is disappointed or disillusioned, then they will quite simply cancel their order. True, is it not? Well, I think so.

I know the difficulty of convincing you while you are probably being bombarded by a huge volume of scams, chain letters, and pyramid-MLM rubbish which are doing the rounds.

If you could meet me, you would realize immediately that I do have something exciting and genuine to offer. Meanwhile, you may want to hear what my other Final Winners have to say about me and my work...

Again you may be thinking, "Well, another load of invented testimonials.

With due respect, they are not.

The Final Winner Members Report Amazing
Results That Changed Their Lives!

The Final Winner is an instructional read for anyone who is beginning to achieve, or even well on their way to, financial independence. You can't go wrong with this book. - Aziz Azman

Reading The Final Winner is a transforming experience. It is compact. It is informative. It is clearly presented, though revolutionary and challenging. You get to explore the minds of the greatest entrepreneurs and investors to see how ideas are turned into cash.- James Choi

Eight months ago I had burst the limits of my six credit cards totalling $34,000. I was earning $1,500 a month and was in danger of losing my home. To date I have paid off all my credit cards and have peace of mind that my home will never be taken away from me. What's more, I'm looking forward to owning new properties as investment. I would like to thank you for the change you made in my life. The Final Winner certainly made a great difference in my life. - Ricky Wong

Andrew Chia doesn't pull any punches. He gives it to you as it is. He shows where, how and why you have failed. He delivers eye opening facts in a straight talking manner; even showing you how he was like you, many years ago. I advise you to give this man a chance; he has given me a new lease of life. - Lester Adams

I have recently completed Andrew Chia's The Final Winner training, and I have to tell you that I didn't think it is possible to benefit so much from any kind of training course. To say that this training changed my life would be an understatement. It is comprehensive yet compact, and Mr. Chia's step-by-step, handholding approach is a joy and very easy to follow. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who is looking to achieve a better self-esteem and a solid and secure financial future. - Jeanna Chan

Wow! What an eye opener! The Final Winner commando training showed me what is truly possible in my life. Andrew demolishes the comfortable assumptions we all live with and exposes the truth. We hold ourselves down by not seeing things as they really are. This course will change how you view the world and your relationship to it. That change may not be easy, but it will be a change for the better. - Michael Tan

There are many people that use power words like secrets or habits etc... most of the time they are just empty words. For once you can join the The Final Winner and realise instantly... this material IS for the ELITE... only a selected few. - Mohd Ali Jinnah

The Final Winner Training was the most honest and straightforward training program I've ever taken part in. It was well worth its money. - Robert Teh

I think you will find the gift of the truth in Andrew Chia's The Final Winner training. You will realize a lot of things you've suspected about life in general and be shown ways to live differently, more freely and more prosperously. Not many people will tell it like it is, but Andrew Chia certainly does. - Stanley Boon

The Final Winner has been a no nonsense course that has had a huge impact on me. I have really been able to see where I have given my power away in a lot of areas in my life, particularly relationships. There have been some things I didn't want to look at but the course has jolted it out of me. Some of the information is so simple, and when you read it things seem so obvious, I keep asking, Why hasn't this information been available earlier. I am really pleased I joined this group. - Raymond Eric

As a result of The Final Winner I live in a mortgage-free house and drive a decent car. Thank you for saving my life this past year. I am so much happier. - Mandy Latham

Thank you for sharing your expertise, knowledge and wisdom with me. I found the releases absolutely fascinating. - Julie Chong

Now I'm making more money in ONE WEEK than I used to make in TWO MONTHS in my so-called secure job. Since I read The Final Winner, my life has changed radically. I wouldn't ever want to go back. Andrew's writing is literally life-changing. There is nothing I have ever read which can even compare. - Daniel Yong

I am on my way to becoming debt-free! Best Wishes. - Ike Lim

The Final Winner provided the most powerful advantage in how to out-think, out-perform and out-wit all opposition. In short, how to succeed against overwhelming odds. Your advice has produced results beyond even your descriptions. Thank you. - Gopala Krishnan

I had got to the stage where I did not know where to turn due to major financial problems. Things were so bad I even found myself taking money from my parent's retirement fund. After following your advice, I have slowly gotten out of debt, found new money-making opportunities. I feel the power of knowing the secrets of the rich. My outlook on life is entirely different. Thank you for The Final Winner. - Rachel Yong

It gives me great pleasure to write and express my sincere gratitude for The Final Winner. My financial status has greatly enhanced. I can now afford anything I want. Thanks a million. - Darvin Lim

The Final Winner has totally changed my life for the better. I live in a house I want to live in, drive the car I want and enjoy life to the full. Since taking your advice I have completely cleared my debts. One simple piece of advice was worth the total cost of the course many times over. Thank you for waking me up and encouraging me to get off my backside and do something. - S. Georgiou

Through applying one simple idea you suggested to me I have made over $8,000 profit in one month. I owe this to The Final Winner's teachings and your expert advice. I would highly recommend The Final Winner to anyone who is serious about making REAL money. I cannot thank you enough, Andrew - You are The Man! - Chris Yap

Since reading The Final Winner I now work half the hours I used to, but earn more. I hadn't had a foreign holiday in 7 years; this year I took my family to Switzerland and China and we purchased a new and better car, and I have spent thousands on house improvements! - Kelly Williams

You have inspired me to achieve things that I never believed myself capable of. - Jakaria Samuel

Since completing The Final Winner I have moved from my one bedroom flat to my dream home. I also own a bigger car these days. Things started to happen soon after reading the first five levels. Thank you for your help. - Johnny Yong

Since completing The Final Winner I am now financially solvent and getting richer each month. My business has improved by leaps and bounds and I'm on my way to financial independence. - Alfred Lee

I am writing to thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement at this exciting time in my life. - Rachel Yap

I learned more about making money from this course than even a course on finance. I loved every minute of The Final Winner and learned so much. - Doris Lam

I was cynical, and I thought I knew it all. But then the questions posed in The Final Winner really got me thinking. It transformed me from a complainer to becoming a champion, always trying to outdo myself in the pursuit of excellence. Thanks for the kick up the ass - I needed it! - Kenny Wong

When I first started this course I was shocked. But as I moved along in this course I see how Andrew strips away the myths and illusions that are keeping people from succeeding and he does it like a master.

I can honestly say that Andrew has helped set me 'free' in more ways than one. I looked everywhere for a course that teaches the true nature of success. I've spent $15,000 in the last 20 years searching for answers.

After all that time and money spent this one course is worth all the other ones I purchased combined and much, much more.

It's a course I will refer to again and again and will leave to my children and encourage them to read. This is the most eye-opening and unique course I have ever taken. If you're serious about success, you will not be disappointed by taking this course.

WARNING: Be prepared for a few shocks and a HUGE dose of enlightenment! - Eric Chong, Galaxy Connections


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